16 December 2012
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6 Tips for Keeping Visitors on your Website

Over Thanksgiving break I launched my new brand/website. Not only have I received overwhelming feedback from the new site, my statistics that show the effectiveness of the site itself have been incredibly encouraging.

Since the new launch of the website, the number of pages people have viewed on average has doubled, the average time on the website has tripled, and the bounce rate has improved significantly as well.

After having put in several months into building and strategizing the website, I’ve found that the following things are to credit for these successful statistics:
1. Very user friendly jumbo nav – I have laid out all of my services in categories and made them very easy to click through and explore.
2. Page load time – I added a WordPress Cache plugin which has decreased the load time of my pages. This allows me to still be very visual with the content without it slowing down the viewing. Statistics show that if your site takes a while to load, people are less likely to look around it for long, or even revisit it for that matter.
3. Call to action banner – I added a “check out my work” button on the home page, along with a friendly “Click this” text with an arrow pointing to it. My portfolio is the second most viewed page on the site after the home page. This in itself proves the effectiveness of my home page banner.
4. Meaningful content – I spent a large amount of hours writing and rewriting my content as if each page was my sales pitch to a client for that service. I proofread the entire site multiple times and got input from others. It was very important to me to be respectful of those who are visiting my site by providing them with useful, well though out, and error-free content.
5. Side Nav in inner pages – Making the other pages in my services categories easy to click without having to bring the mouse all the way up to the top navigation also helps in keeping people on your website.
6. In depth Portfolio – My last portfolio simply showed images in a lightbox with no other explanation. My new portfolio has an overview of each project with the work I completed with that client. By providing this information I’ve found that visitors can see better what I’ve done for other clients as opposed to just seeing that I made them a pretty website.

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