2 great ways to get listed locally in Google:

Organic Search Listing

Organic search results are the normal listings that show up when you search a keyword in Google. These searches are based off how well optimized your website is, and how many relevant quality links it has pointing to it. If you are looking to get ranked in just your own city for specific keywords, it is much simpler than targeting a global market. I can put together a strategic website optimization and link building campaign to greatly boost your local visibility in search engines! Contact me today to begin your campaign!

Google Places Listing

Google allows any business with a registered address to sign up with their Google Places service. This allows your business to pop up high on local searches for your business categories without much work. The advantage of Google Places is the ability to choose categories for ranking which really gives niche companies a quick way to get ranked. Google Places results are based on relevancy, the quality of the website, and the number of quality links that are pointing to it. I can help you create your company’s Google Places listing to achieve maximum visibility and effectiveness.