What is website optimization?

Website Optimization, also referred to as “On-Page SEO,” is a crucial part in getting your website found for its target keywords. Website Optimization is mainly focused around the structure of your website and its content. Typically, changes will appear in search engines in just a couple of weeks, but Google’s algorithm will not finish placing your page/site for those website optimization changes for a full 90 days.

My on-page SEO process

I work with you to establish a target keyword list. This is done by defining your core products and services. I then compare these to your main competitors and adjust your target keyword list to be as effective as possible. This keyword list will range from broad head keywords (high competition), to long-tail keywords that will allow you to pick up some easy traffic. I then build your site, structure pages properly, and make images load quickly so search engines can crawl it easily. I then incorporate your keywords by integrating keywords in title tags, urls, meta info, h1 headers, and pay close attention to keyword density in your website. There are several other best practice techniques that I will implement into your website as well. I will also suggest and create landing pages for target keywords if your website lacks content. Through the website optimization process, I can create a very solid foundation for your website to be able to be picked up and ranked in search engines.

Why choose me as your Grand Rapids SEO specialist?

I am very knowledgeable and effective when it comes to optimizing websites. I will explain every step of the process to you and work with you to establish the best keyword list for your business. I have several years of internet marketing experience, built up an impressive portfolio, and would be happy to work with your company on expanding your online web presence. Contact me today for a free quote!